Online Booking

Currently, I am only doing both telehealth and in-person consults in my West Hartford office -- no home consults yet. While I am only in-network with Aetna, you may still be able to get insurance coverage. Before you book a self-pay consult, please read the info I have on my Fees & Insurance page. You may still get full coverage through another avenue.

For out-of-pocket fees: please click on either "Telehealth" or "Office" consults and you can see what the fee will be.

To Book:

  1. Chose your location: in-office, telehealth or phone consult. (Phone consults are only intended for issues that do not directly involve the baby breastfeeding.) 

  2. Then choose the appropriate category (insurance eligible or out-of-pocket) and book the appointment. Simple.  

  3. Please register with the primary lactating parent's name and email -- not the infant's name or the partner's name.

  4. Please check your email for forms and confirmation of the appointment. You will also be invited to a HIPAA-secure portal.


If you need any assistance do not hesitate to email or call us with any questions or concerns but if you have insurance questions please first go to my Fees & Insurance page because chances are you question will be answered there.

860-255-8583  or email 

Thank you!

Susan and Alexis