When to contact an IBCLC for breastfeeding help

For Baby

Poor Weight Gain

  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an exclusively breastfed baby should be back to birthweight by day 7-10.

  • If baby is gaining too slowly then it may be impacting mom's milk production

Long Feeds at the breast without baby getting "milk drunk"    

Latch Issues

  • Not able to latch

  • Comes on and off

  • Clicking or smacking noises

  • Frustrated at breast

  • Can only latch with a nipple shield

Sleepy Baby


Special breastfeeding needs


Is receiving formula


For Mom


Sore or Damaged Nipples

Tender breasts 




Plugged ducts


Returning to work

Emotional concerns since having the baby

  • Anxiety

  • Overwhelming sadness

  • Feeling disconnected from the baby

General Support

Adoption, relactation or induced lactation

Taking medications while breastfeeding

Contact Us

If you have questions about fees and insurance coverage, please read all the information provided on the Fees & Insurance page. If you need further clarification, fill out the contact form below and someone from the office will contact you back within 24 hours. You are welcome to call us and leave a message at 860-255-8583 at any time of day but email might be faster.

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