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When to contact an IBCLC for breastfeeding help

For Baby

Poor Weight Gain

  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an exclusively breastfed baby should be back to birthweight by day 7-12.

  • If baby is gaining too slowly then it may be impacting mom's milk production

Long Feeds at the breast without baby getting "milk drunk"    

Latch Issues

  • You've been told your baby has a "slight" tongue tie

  • Not able to latch

  • Comes on and off

  • Clicking or smacking noises

  • Frustrated at breast

  • Can only latch with a nipple shield

Sleepy Baby


Special breastfeeding needs


Is receiving formula


For Mom


Sore or Damaged Nipples

Tender breasts 




Plugged ducts


Returning to work

Emotional concerns since having the baby

  • Anxiety

  • Overwhelming sadness

  • Feeling disconnected from the baby

General Support

Adoption, relactation or induced lactation

Taking medications while breastfeeding

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