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Videos, Links and Resources

Below you will find a variety of links that can be helpful to nursing mothers. Some of these links may be referenced in your care plan or when our office staff speaks with you on the phone. Some may simply be useful to you as you learn and grow along this breastfeeding journey. 

Selected Breastfeeding Issues

Breast Surgery

Breastfeeding & CT Law

Elimination Diets

Human Milk Banks

Tongue Tie - this is a small sampling of available articles
Tongue Tie
Breast Surgery
Breast Surgery
Post-partum Depression & Anxiety
Safe Sleep
Safe Sleep
Useful Wesbites

Getting Started with Breastfeeding- Stanford Medicine

(Video Library that includes hand expression, latching, pumping techniques and early breastfeeding)

Lymphatic/breast massage and hand expression for engorgement

Paced Bottle Feeding


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