Prenatal Lactation Consultation

Services Explained

Initial Breastfeeding Consultation


We provide in-person consults in our office or your home. Tele-health consults are available, but please understand there are limits to these consults -- we cannot do a weighted feed or do a physical exam of you or your baby.

What is included in your initial appointment?

  • Assessment of mother

  • Assessment of baby (or babies!)

  • Assessment of latch

  • Weighted feed (to see how much your baby is getting at the breast)

  • Detailed, written care plan

  • Written report to your physician

  • Referral(s) as needed and appropriate

  • Phone or email follow-up

Occasionally, all that’s needed is a one-time initial consult.  However, it is suggested that you budget for at least 2 consults -- the first to assess and design a care plan for the first 24-72 hrs., and a follow-up to re-assess how things have progressed or changed. Many breastfeeding issues can take time and attention to resolve. 

*Twin consultations are scheduled for a longer period of time in order to assess both babies. *

*Please note there is an increased fee for twin consultations as they do take longer.*

Follow-Up Lactation Consultation


In most cases, one or more follow-up visits may be necessary to measure progress, improve latch, deal with new, but related issues, or provide confirmation of improvement (weight gain, milk transfer, etc.). Care plans created at initial lactation consults may include recommendations for follow-up appointments however those are suggestions only and left up to each family's discretion. 

If, however, after the first week or two, the problem is not resolving and cannot be adequately addressed over the phone, I will suggest a follow-up consult to reassess the care plan.  


Prenatal Lactation Consultation


During a prenatal breastfeeding consultation Susan will review in great detail all of the basics of breastfeeding and how to determine if breastfeeding is going well once you welcome your baby into this world.  Prenatal appointments are particularly helpful if prior attempts to breastfeed were unsuccessful or you have particular medical concerns that need to be addressed.  

Prenatal appointments are booked for two hours to allow for a thorough discussion of breastfeeding essentials for your early establishment of breastfeeding. 

Phone Consultation


Some women wish to discuss breastfeeding, breastfeeding support options or have basic level questions that can be answered generically during a phone consultation. Mother's who have already had an older child breastfeed but are prepping for their subsequent child or moms who do not know if they need a full initial consultation but wish to speak with Susan first are welcome to book a phone consultation. Phone consultations are billed as an hourly rate and pro-rated at 15 minute increments after the first hour. 


Please note that some questions cannot be answered over the phone. It is important to know that phone consultations are primarily for basic breastfeeding information and will not be a good fit for assessing more challenging breastfeeding issues. If it becomes clear during the call that proper assessment and advise cannot be provided over the phone, Susan will suggest an in-person consultation. 

Weight Check


Weight checks are meant to provide a quick check on how your baby is doing. During this visit Susan will weigh the baby and chart their weight as well as do a quick update to your breastfeeding information.

Weight check appointments typically take 15-30 minutes and are pro-rated based on the hourly rate.